Coming out of hibernation

I've been secreted away on my dove grey sofa (not Laura Ashley), ever since Christmas; tap, tap, tapping away on my laptop. I'm now I'm finally back in the world of the living, just in time for the lambing season at my local National Trust. And lambs aren't the only things being birthed; so too, are my new books - Just Kissing: For Better, For Worse (Book 2) and Just Kissing: In Sickness and In Health (Book 3). I've also been working on some bonus material including a telling of Anna and Dominic's courtship from the gorgeous vicar, himself.

I'm a really undisciplined writer; I love writing and creating new characters and storylines. I get immersed in an idea and can happily churn out 15k words in a day, but I am awful at editing and proof reading (because it's just so boring!). Hence it's taken me months to get my second book online. I'm so bad, in fact, that I was over 100k words into a completely new story, even though I still had Books Two and Three of the Just Kissing series to edit and publish. Bad, bad writer...

I will endeavour to be better, but from my track record... I'm promising nothing.